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Thread: Veggie Phase 1

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    Bear in mind that you can mix when on phase 1 so I would just try to stick to fairly simple, natural ingredients and have with boiled rice. Although lentils etc. are mixing, I wouldn't worry too much about that given that you are on phase 1 and are veggie - if you can avoid them do, but if you really fancy something containing lentils, such as dahl, it's not an unhealthy choice and not the worst thing to choose.
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    Thanks for all the help folks, it really feels like I have support even though I've only be signed in for a week!

    You know, I haven't had that many crazes but one of my students turned up with delicious smelling biccies today, he even remembered that I don't eat chocolate! Just about to give them to my sons with a barely stifled sob...

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    At last a veggie - everyone has been soooo soooo sooooo helpful on here stick with the advice from the guys they know their stuff! I have been struggling as technically I am NOT a vegatarian as such, as I do eat chicken and fish but to be honest my favourite foods are rice/oats/lentils - pulses veggies/fruit/nly and very strong yorkshire tea! I have REALLY tried with all the other meats suggested (I even ate ham and bacon the other day but felt really ill with tummy ache and felt sick so thats of the menu) - am thinking of moving to Phase 2 and where most people seem to stick with FAT meal I am going to have to and maybe the only person who will be sticking to CARB meals it will be interesting to see if i do get same results I NEED TO TAKE ACTION (tea will be going though!). Sorry I know you are a veggie and all this talk about meat will probably be turning your stomach but its actually nice to hear from others who actually DONT EAT MEAT!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kerry View Post
    am thinking of moving to Phase 2 and where most people seem to stick with FAT meal I am going to have to and maybe the only person who will be sticking to CARB meals
    You can have veggie fat meals! Bear in mind that carb meals have to be very low fat. So if you eat all or mostly carb meals, you will be eating low fat/low cal which is not what this way of eating is about and will put you in fat storage mode (insulin being released at every meal) rather than fat burning mode. You also run the risk of getting cravings. You'll also be missing out on all that lovely and healthy saturated fat
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    Could you give a few quick veggie fat meals as i cant quite think off the top of my head what to have (i am going to re-read the book and have just purchased the new revised receipe book to read/plan meals whilst on holiday) i am planning on writing meal plan/daily meals out in a diary for quick reference when i get back x

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    Aubergine Bake
    Aubergine Boats
    Mushroom Stroganoff
    Egg and Asparagus Bake
    Carrot & Coriander soup (containing cream)
    Mediterranean Medley (a starter that could be turned into a main)

    Veggie fat meals will rely fairly heavily on eggs, cheese and cream which may get a bit boring, but do try to throw in as many fat meals as you can.
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    When I was a vegan and started to introduce meat it made me feel ill initially. I stuck with it though as I was always getting ill and my health was really suffering. Eventually I could enjoy chicken and some fish but didnt eat red meat for about 17 years. I only started to re introduce red meat when I started THD and began to learn more about nutrition and what our bodies evolved to eat. I just wanted to highlight that your tastes can and do change so nothing is set in stone!
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    Wow Lizzi...I had now idea you'd been a vegan. What a turnaround!

    Kerry-there are quite a few veggies recipes in the cookbook. Those that are carb-based with beans could be adapted by using a firm cheese like Hallumi to replace pulses. There is,of course Quorn-which can be used for both fat and carb meals as long as it does not cause you any problems. Soya based products are not advised as they are hugely processed - among other negatives - and we really want to avoid processed at all costs.

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    thanks guys i shall dig out my books, unfortunately i cant tolerate too many eggs (I mean about one a week if i am lucky) but Lizzi I forgot you posted me ages ago that you only started eating meat when you started this diet - i will have to re-read your messages for when you lost the weight as I can actually eat chicken and fish which i do enjoy AND dont get tummy ache, i can have my porridge with water for breakfast and could pop to the local farm shop/butcher and ask him to cut me some red meat ie. steak but a small piece to get me started - i love cheese so shall try the hallumi or would mozerella cheese be ok with basil/tom salad? its a bit of trial and error like most others have to face on heres its just that my intolerances are slightly different to others (loved the taste of the bacon just got the tummy ache but going to try again and grill it so crisp and put on top of a salad) actually i like and can tolerate poached eggs so could have those together for lunch one day! see just by chatting i have realised i CAN still eat THD way!!! determined to crack this! Think i am going to stick with Phase 1 for as long as possible, no cheating only for a few special occasions i have got coming up but its what i eat THE MAJORITY OF THE TIME that is making the difference to the way i feel/eat! thanks again!

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    I also had an intolerance to eggs when I first I completely see where you're coming from! Let us know how you get on with it and just post up if you have more questions.
    "Whatever we are, whatever we make of ourselves, is all we will ever have - and that, in its profound simplicity, is the meaning of life." Philip Appleman


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