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Thread: Phase 1 Recipes

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    Sorry Sue!! Didn't think you'd been 'missing'for any time so was a little confused, clearly scanning the posts too quickly today! Anyway, hope the other Sue had a lovely holiday too (!) and that your next holiday comes around quickly! x

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    No problem splodge..easily done.


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    There are so many ways to make curries and especially spinach curries!

    The recipe I like the most happens to be called Murghi aur Palak (chicken & spinach) which is on page 85 from the book: Classic Indian Cuisine by Rosemary Moon, in which she uses yogurt and ground fennel to enhance the flavour of this cury.

    Here is another version of Chicken Curry with Spinach on Youtube.

    Vegetarians can use the same technique and ingredients for a potato & spinach curry, omitting the cardamoms, black cloves or the garam masala, & simply replacing the chicken with about 2-3 medium sized, chopped potatoes.

    NB. I usually do not add the big black cardamom in my curries.

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    Just thought I'd share a recipe for soup that I made today.

    Pea & Mint soup:

    Take a large stock type pan, half fill with water.
    Add lots of frozen peas (think I used half a large bag)
    1 chopped onion
    2 chopped cloves garlic
    2 large handfuls of fresh torn up mint
    black pepper and salt to taste

    Boil it all up, then simmer with lid on for about 20 mins.
    Drain off about half of the liquid & blitz till soupy consistency.

    Eat & enjoy!

    I made this today, and despite the fact I'd usually use stock it tasted fab. Had a huge bowl and taking the rest to work for lunch tomorrow.

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    Thanks for the pea & mint soup recipe Nathel, I'll try that I love home made soup.

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    What great advice,i am also new to all of this i have the book and am about to start the 5 day phase one,good luck to all.xx

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    Amina - I just wanted to say that I have made the panjabi lamb chops that you put in a link to above several times now and they are really delicious. The only thing I've done differently is put it in the oven instead of leaving it on the hob and slow-cooked it for about 3 hours. The result is the most meltingly soft lamb. Thank you very much for this - it is always great to discover another recipe that is a real treat for the tastebuds. x

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    Hi Sian,

    I hope you enjoy it, I think it's absolutely delicious & thank you for the tip about putting it in the oven. I may try this, it will save me eating all those chapatis!!

    Best wishes x

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    Chicken Waldorf Salad

    Great, for Summer Lunches!

    You may have to leave out the apple & nuts though.

    There is a recipe for home-made mayonnaise, somewhere...if anyone finds it, please do post the link for it here.


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    Natbel - I do a similar pea soup and it's amzing as a chilled summer soup.
    Can be tarted up with a sprig of fresh mint and a swirl of cream (as a tiny cheat!) for an impressive srarter pre-barbeque.
    Or, if you're not too carb sensitive or vegetarian, make it into a fat meal by using chicken stock


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