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    Hi all
    I have done THD successfully in the past (lost about 2.5 stone), but sadly due to a very drawn out and highly stressful move from London to New Zealand (where I'm originally from), I have fallen into very bad carb bingeing habbits. I have finally hauled myself back in line and am now back on phase 1. It's quite weird doing THD here in NZ as the food is different and some of my old favourites are not available. The worst one is that you can not get bacon in NZ that doesn't have some kind of sugar/honey/dextrose etc in it. I have searched everywhere!! Anyway, 4 days back into it and I'm just surviving on my eggs and no bacon for brekkie!!

    One of the other things that is different in NZ is the ingredients in the yogurt. Back in London it was easy to find NLY with no added nasties, but I'm having troubl here. The only yogurt I can find without sugar has:
    Skim Milk
    Milk Solids
    Live Yogurt Culture

    I'm not sure about the Milk Solids it sounds like a concentrate. Would this be allowed on Phase 1, or Phase 2??

    Many thanks for your help :-)

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    Have you seen Easiyo? ([url][/url]) It comes in sachets which you mix with water and leave for 8+ hours in a flask of hot water.

    It is actually a NZ product which is imported to UK. The natural and Greek varieties are perfect HD friendly foods.

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    Could you buy a bacon\ham joint to cook and use over the week, works out cheaper too than packets.

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    Welcome back, how about pork chops/steaks for breakfast ? I buy thin cut ones & they cook as quickly as bacon.
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    I agree re starting from scratch. I used to make yogurt from a live starter and UHT milk in a wide necked food flask.

    You can use acidopholus powder instead of live yogurt which may be the answer if you are unable to find sugar free yogurt.

    And maybe replace bacon with thin cut pork chops or belly pork?

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    Sharyn, do you have the ingredient quantities for the yogurt using the acidopholus powder please I’d like to try that.


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