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Our online community is a vibrant place to get answers to your diet and health questions. In addition to our knowledgeable super members, you'll find everyone is just so helpful and friendly and no question is too simple or too much trouble to answer.

In the members' area, there's also a private 'Ask Zoe' forum, where you can get answers to more challenging questions from Zoe herself.

Plus there are 'open-days' where Zoe, Andy and super members are online to answer your questions in real time.

It's one of the friendliest online communities that you'll come across.

Get the facts


Sometimes, you need to get the facts to work out what's causing a block.

MyLocker is a powerful tool that allows you to accurately record what you're eating so that you can analyse the nutritional value to see what you may be missing.

With over 6,000 foods listed and tools that allow you to track your intake against Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA's).

MyLocker is a truly useful tool in your tool box. And it works on mobile too.


Meet our Champions


Our Champions program is a celebration for those who have taken the step to healthily lose weight, for good. It's also a chance for others to get some personalised support to help them on their journey.

Daniel, for example, has a fantastic story. Read how the birth of his daughter made him take stock. In just over a year, the dad from South Derbyshire lost more than seven stone (47kg) and is targeting his lifelong dream to complete the London Marathon.

With the help of the community, you can become a champion too.

Members' Area


The members area is a minefield of useful resources including hundreds of articles, recipes, videos and podcasts.

We've built up an extensive library to cover most of the questions that you're likely to ever need answered. We've unpacked LCHF, IF(5:2) and most other diets too and have covered most common health topics, illnesses and conditions, including Cholesterol, PCOS, Thyroid and others. If we've not already covered it, we regularly add new articles.

You'll never be short of something to read or learn.