What do we do when we don’t obsess about food & weight?

What do we do when we don’t obsess about food & weight?

Back to a psychological one for this week, as we’ve had a lot of facts about food recently – we hope you’ve enjoyed those too!

“Women think about food more than sex”

I don’t know if you saw this article in the Daily Mail on 30th September 2011. A common tactic to get PR at the moment is to do a survey and then report the survey results and the company behind the survey then gets a mention. In this case it is Atkins doing the survey, but the results are interesting and they will (mostly) not surprise any of us...

1,290 female dieters were surveyed and a quarter of these answered that they put more effort into dieting than into their relationships (anyone follow @rednicola on twitter?! Quite the most calorie obsessed I follow and poor hubby is a very distant third behind 1) trying to eat less and 2) the cross trainer!) “More than a third of respondents said they thought about food and dieting more than they thought about their partner and 54% confessed they thought about food more than sex.”


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