Net carbs vs. carbs


We have had a few questions in the club about the acceptable level of carbohydrate with a fat meal e.g. here and here .

I’ve used the same answer to both, which is shared below for convenience. What I’d like to focus on in this short article is the net carb issue.

Is it OK to deduct the fibre content from the carbohydrate content of foods?

In point (2) in the answer below I say “I am not confident in this concept of net carbs” and I have said in other forum comments that unless someone can provide evidence that the body does not register carbs from fibre, I will continue to advise people to be aware of total carb intake (if they need to be) and not net carbs.

I happened to be looking at Jimmy Moore’s Keto Clarity book yesterday and came across a quotation from the co-author – Dr Eric Westman – one of the most brilliant speakers at the South Africa LCHF conference. On page 178 of this highly recommended book, we find the following:

DOCTOR’S NOTE FROM DR. ERIC WESTMAN: There is often confusion between counting “net carbs” and “total carbs.” “Net carbs,” determined by subtracting the fiber grams from the total grams of carbs, works well for those who are not very metabolically sick or who don’t have much weight to lose. But because some of the fiber is absorbed as glucose and your goal now is to become ketogenic, the more prudent approach is to
not subtract even the fiber grams from the total grams of carbs.


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