Food Families & Rotation Diets

What are food families?

Foods are grouped into ‘food families’, to indicate which foods have similar characteristics and origins to each other. Food families are of interest for both Candida and Food Intolerance as it is important to know which foods are related when you are trying to avoid foods which are harming your health. You may avoid bread in an attempt to avoid wheat without realising that pasta is in the wheat family too. Hence, if you carry on eating pasta, when you are trying to overcome your craving for bread, you will just be feeding your craving in a related way and you will continue to crave both bread and pasta.

Below is a list of food families. A main food group, such as “meat, fish & dairy”, is broken down into smaller groups of foods that are deemed to be in the same ‘food family’. The ‘Cattle’ food family, for example, has lamb and beef amongst other things, but rabbit is in a food family on its own.


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