Why not give our children whole milk?

A mum I know, who just happens to be a dairy and farming journalist, has been doing battle with an organisation called Cool Milk. Cool Milk helps to supply milk to schools in the UK. Mum wanted her six year old boy to have whole milk. Cool Milk say that he can’t have whole milk unless he has a medical condition. The only such medical condition that they named was “being underweight.”

You can see the full note below

The headlines are:

* There are various free school milk and subsidised school milk schemes for different schools and different age groups in the UK (there will be schemes in most ‘developed’ countries). Under 5s are allowed whole or semi-skimmed milk. They are even allowed whole or semi-skimmed flavoured milk with up to 7% of the product being added sugar.

* The UK School Food Plan was introduced in January 2015, and updated in September 2016. It states: “The school food standards require lower fat milk or lactose reduced milk to be available for drinking at least once a day during school hours... Whole milk can be provided for pupils up to the end of the school year in which they reach age 5, after that milk must be lower fat or lactose-reduced.

* Cool Milk tried to tell ‘mum’ that “Whole milk has a higher fat content which is stripped from semi-skimmed milk to provide more nutrients, therefore being more beneficial to children over the age of two...”

Ha ha – mum didn’t have to be a dairy journalist to spot that stripping fat removes fat soluble vitamins, it doesn’t magically provide more nutrients!


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