Whole grains, CVD, cancer & mortality

For each Monday’s note, I look for any diet and health stories from the news in the past week. I also receive occasional emails from club members asking if I can review a particular study. Often this is something that has just hit the news and it’s on my radar too. Sometimes I get asked to look at a study from a while ago, so I keep a running list of these to do when there’s nothing particularly topical to address.

This week’s note is looking at a study that a couple of people emailed me about recently. This is probably because the “whole grains are marvellous” stories continue to appear in the press and on line. The study is from May 2016. The lead author is called Dagfinn Aune and he appears to be vegetarian or vegan – with connections to Loma Linda University (Seventh Day Adventists) and speaking engagements with global vegan leaders (Ref 1).

You can see the full review of the study below. The headlines are below:

The study looked at a number of different population studies (the ones that can only show association, not causation). The paper concluded that a 90 g/day increase in whole grain intake (90 g is equivalent to 3 servings e.g. 2 slices of bread and 1 bowl of cereal) was associated with reduced incidence of heart disease, cancer deaths and deaths from any cause.

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