How do we overcome carb addiction? With Dr Robert Cywes

Zoë chats with Dr Robert Cywes about carbohydrate addiction and obesity.
This is Part 3 – How do we overcome carb addiction?
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Robert is a medical doctor and a PhD doctor and a former “fat guy.” He topped out at 300lb, but is now approximately 200lb (and six foot tall). Robert thus knows what his patients are going through and how to help them. Robert is also a bariatric surgeon and fully aware that surgery cannot change one’s relationship with food – his insights and advice can help with that.

In this slightly longer podcast, nearer 45 minutes, Robert explains the role that drugs play in the life of an addict and what happens when we try to stop our drug habit. He shares the four areas that we need to work on (put effort into) to develop a different drug-free endorphin management system. He explains how each of these four areas will help us to overcome our carb addiction.

Robert also shares fascinating insights into the types of people who develop carb addiction. Not everyone is vulnerable. “Not everyone is capable of getting fat.” The answer lies in parenting styles. You’ll spot immediately if you are at risk and you’ll start to understand how not to parent a child.

You can find more about Robert at He also blogs daily on Facebook
Robert’s practice is in Florida and you can contact him there on 001 561 627 4107 if you would like to be a patient in person.

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One thought on “How do we overcome carb addiction? With Dr Robert Cywes

  • 23rd January 2020 at 7:54 pm

    This really resonated with me, easy to understand, eye opening, and talked a lot of common sense.

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