Can I have bullet proof coffee?

Q – Can I have bullet proof coffee?

A – There are a number of different ideas as to what bullet proof coffee is. Some people think that it just involves adding butter to black coffee. The more complex versions describe a process involving quality coffee beans, “brain octane oil” and unsalted butter blended together. The brain octane oil is made up of one medium chain fat (caprylic acid). Some people use coconut oil, but the pure extracted caprylic acid is a concentrated form of one fatty acid found in coconut oil.

The idea of this zero carb/very high fat drink is that blood glucose levels remain stable and the body fuels on fat and ketones until the next meal. Various claims about mental alertness and lack of hunger are made.

If you have a bullet proof coffee instead of breakfast or lunch, it may be OK in terms of your weight loss goals and it may work with your lifestyle. However, you could have had something more nutritious. Butter is not as rich in nutrients as, for example, eggs or natural live yoghurt. A typical breakfast of bacon and eggs or berries and natural live yoghurt, on The Harcombe Diet, would be a more nutritious start to the day.

Don’t add bullet proof coffee in-between the meals you are currently having or you would be likely to impair weight loss and you wouldn’t necessarily get the claimed ‘keto’ benefit of the drink.

Also take care with bullet proof coffee if you are not very low in carbohydrate in your diet generally. As this post explains (, you don’t want to be consuming butter ‘for the sake of it’ if you are not on a very low carb diet.

If bullet proof coffees work for you and your weight loss goals and lifestyle, fine. Do make sure you get nutrient dense foods at the other meals in the day to make up for the relatively nutrient poor butter. If the coffees don’t help your weight loss/lifestyle goals, then there are better options to be enjoyed.

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