Can I have Chia seeds?

Q – Can I have Chia seeds?

A – The general seeds question applies to any seeds. Here it is (

Per 100g, Chia seeds have 44g of carbohydrate and 31g of fat, so they are a natural mix food and are only allowed in Phase 3. (There are 16g of protein per 100g and then the rest is water/minerals).

Like other seeds (and nuts), Chia seeds are nutritious. They are not great for vitamins, but they are very rich in minerals – especially calcium, phosphorus and manganese. Nature provides nuts and seeds as complete packages. They would have been absolute treasures for hunter/gatherers to find, but they are not the friend of the modern-day dieter. Nuts and seeds are nature’s rare mix foods – the fat/carb combination is quite irresistible to human beings. The junk food companies have exploited this fact. The fat/carb combo is almost certainly why, once we start eating nuts, we can’t stop. Seeds are not quite as more-ish as nuts, but they’re still not the dieter’s friend.

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