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Getting Started, FAQ’s, Harcombe 101… Whatever you want to call it, this is the starting point for your journey on The Harcombe Diet. You can always get back here from the ‘Members’ Area’ option in the main menu.

First, here’s a video series that walks you through the diet

What doesn’t work
So what’s the answer?
What exactly is The Harcombe Diet?
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Let’s do it

If you prefer to read, here are some popular questions answered…

The complete getting started FAQ (from Stop Counting Calories & Start Losing Weight. Fully updated)
What about Cholesterol? – Here’s our complete guide…
Harcombe vs LCHF
Yoghurt? Here’s the ultimate answer.

Useful downloads

Here are some useful downloads about The Harcombe Diet (all open in a new tab).

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Looking for something delicious to eat?

The Harcombe Diet is all about eating all that you need of real, nutritious food. There are no calories to count or portions to measure.
Sound too good to be true? Try out some of the tasty recipes and make up your own mind.

Looking for some inspiration from others?

Read our Champion stories
Or just some kind words from others

Looking for support, help, or just have some questions?

Check out the support forum

Finally, for now, here are some more video series that you may like…

2017 LC Breckenridge
2016 PHC Conference
2015 Harcombe Conference
LCHF Convention
2014 Harcombe Conference
2013 Harcombe Conference
Video FAQ’s

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