Help with the club

We've changed the way that you sign up and register with the club. The process is now much simpler and shorter (just 3 steps instead of seven) but if you're having difficulty with getting through it, please send an email to clubadmin @ theharcombedietclub dotcom, with your current username if you've already registered.

For all personal questions relating to diet and health, please use the club forum. There are some fantastically helpful and knowledgeable people in there who can help you out and it is the best place to get a quick and supportive answer.

For the top ten most frequenty asked questions on the diet, go here.

If you have a question about how to use the club forum, please refer to to the appropriate faq.

If you'd like to send us a message about the club or share your success story please send us an email to clubadmin @ theharcombedietclub dotcom.

Unfortunately, we cannot answer personal diet and health questions.

If you prefer to write the old-fashioned way, you can address letters to us at: The Harcombe Diet Club, P.O. Box 73,, Caldicot, UK,NP26 3WD